Our Special Dough

Our special doughs are made from different single-variety flours, without using pre-made or pre-mixed stuff. In order to grant our original recipe, maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional proprieties of our flours.

Emmer Flour Dough 1,50 €

The nutritional property of this cereal comes especially from the low fat presence and abundance of vitamins, fibres, minerals, essential fat acids and antioxidants. Although very nutritious, it’s easy to digest and great for wight loss diets.

We use organic emmer flour.

Khorasan Dough 2,00 €

Rich in selenium combined with vitamins a, c, e, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium included in the wheat, inhibit the creation of free radicals and reduces the cholesterol level.

We use organic Khorasan flour.

Wholemeal flour 1,50 €

The wholemeal flour derives by milling the whole cereal grain, included the outside, the crusca, full of nutritional proprieties. The cereal is contains rebalancing fibres, with a low glycemic index, without fat and rich in vitamin B and precious minerals like iron and calcium. 

We use organic wholemeal flour.