Special Pastry

DOUGH MADE WITH WHOLEWHEAT FLOUR 1,50 € increase for every pizza from the price list
This flour is obtained from the flour milling of the whole grain of wheat, including the outer part called ‘bran’ that is an element full of nutritive properties. The wheat is full of balancing fibre and it has a low glycaemia value. Furthermore it has no fats, it has vitamin B and precious minerals as Iron and Calcium.

DOUGH MADE WITH ‘KAMUT’ KHORASAN WHEAT FLOUR   2,50 € increase for every pizza from the price list
‘KAMUT’ khorasan wheat flour has an high Selenium value, vitamin A-C-E, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Sodium; the combination of these properties permits to the khorasan wheat to block the formation of free radicals and to decrease the cholesterol level. We use organic ‘KAMUT’ khorasan wheat flour.

DOUGH MADE WITH SPELT FLOUR 1,00 € increase for every pizza from the price list
The spelt nutritional properties are the lack of fats, the abundance of vitamins, fibre, mineral salts, essential fatty acids and antioxidant substances. For this reason spelt is very nutritive and digestive, perfect for diet. We use organic spelt flour.