About Us

STURIPIZZA is a take-away pizza place and has been for more than 20 years.

The starting point to make our pizza is the same as it was then, still baked in a wood oven, but the experience gained in these years brought us to the pizza that we offer now, the fruit of our passion and the product of our desire to improve constantly.

That’s why we use single-variety and organic flours that we mix to our taste and leave them rise for a long time (at least 48 hours) in order to make them tasty and easy to digest.

In the same way we are very careful in choosing our ingredients, paying attention to their origin and freshness. For example, our mozzarella is only Fiordilatte, our favourite, and it’s farm-to-table because the cheesemaker uses only milk from his cows!

Other products come from further away, from the Italian regions that are known for their production. The mozzarella di bufala comes from Caserta, our prosciutto crudo comes from Parma, the olives from Liguria, artichokes from Puglia, and the tomatoes, or rather the tomato sauce produced by hand, from Salerno.

We put this attention and care in the work we do every day and in the selection of all the products you’ll find in this menu.

Buon appetito!